Click the “Welcome!” image below for a quick introduction to the course.


Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. I monitor my email 24/7 and will respond within 2-6 hours regardless of day or time –

Paper #1 (8/25 – 9/19)

8/25 – First Day of Instruction. Read the welcome message, which includes instructions on how to get started in this class and how to navigate our class blog. Review the information in this blog, especially the schedule and syllabus (click on the tab at the top of the page). In the Resources section, read “Defining Technical Communication.”

8/26 – Intro to paper #1. Read the “Guidelines for Paper #1: Review” by midnight.

8/27 – Laulima Discussion: Who Am I? Post your response by midnight. Watch this 2-min. video on how to post in Laulima discussions. Possible topics: your academic and career goals; your favorite pastime; favorite book, movie, song; favorite physical activity or sport; favorite quote; personal philosophy on the purpose of life; your personal thoughts on why it’s important to become an excellent writer; favorite food or restaurant; favorite vacation destination; etc.

8/28-9/8 – Set up your WordPress blog eportfolio for ENG 225. This will be a personal blog for all class papers. Click here for instructions. (Alternately, see the “Blogging” link in the left sidebar in our class blog.) To begin, complete the initial setup. You’ll be able to add finishing touches as the semester progresses. If you need help, post a request in the Q&A forum in Laulima or email me at

9/2 – Complete readings for paper #1 by midnight.

9/5 – Laulima Discussion 1: URL for your app. (All discussion posts are due by midnight.)

9/9 – Laulima Discussion 2: Follow-up.

9/12 – Submit RD1 (Review Draft #1) [50 pts] Review the guidelines.

9/17 – Submit three RD1 evaluations in Laulima. [50 pts] Review the guidelines.

9/19-22 – Submit FD1 (Final Draft #1) [100 pts] Review the guidelines.

Paper #2 (9/23 – 10/16)

KapCC Opening Page

9/23 – Intro to paper #2. Read the “Guidelines for Paper #2: Analysis.”

9/26 – Complete readings for paper #2.

9/29 – Discussion #1: Analyze 4 Websites

10/3 – Discussion #2: Share a College Website

10/10 – Submit RD2 [50 pts]. Review the guidelines.

10/14 – Submit three RD2 evaluations [50 pts]. Review the guidelines.

10/16-20 – Submit FD2 [125 pts]. Review the guidelines.

Paper #3 (10/17 – 11/12)

10/17 – Intro to paper #3. Read the “Guidelines for Paper #3: Information.”

10/20 – Complete readings for paper #3.

10/24 – Laulima Discussion #1: My topic for paper #3.

10/31 – Laulima Discussion #2: Comment on three or more classmates’ topics in discussion #1.

11/7 – Submit RD3. [50 pts] Review the guidelines.

11/10 – Submit three RD3 evaluations [50 pts] Review the guidelines.

11/12-17 – Submit FD3 [150 pts] Review the guidelines.

Paper #4 (11/17 – 12/11)

Chris Dede, Harvard University, “How Immersion in Virtual Worlds & Mobile Devices Engages College Students in the Real World” (Engage 2013 conference). Approximately an hour.

11/17 – Intro to paper #4. Read the “Guidelines for Paper #4: Proposal.”

11/19 – Complete readings for paper #4.

11/21 – Laulima Discussion #1: My Problem & Solution.

11/26 – Laulima Discussion #2: My Published Sources.

12/5 – Submit RD4 [50 pts] Review the guidelines.

12/8 – Submit three RD4 evaluations [50 pts] Review the guidelines.

12/11-15 – Submit FD4 [125 pts] Review the guidelines.

Paper #5/Final Exam (12/12)

12/12 – Submit FD5/Final Exam. Read the “Guidelines for FD5/Final Exam: Expertise” [100 pts]
Click here for the readings. Access to the FD5/final exam guidelines will be opened at around midnight on the day before the final exam. Omit the log of completed activities in this FD. The exam must be taken on this one day only. If you cannot take it on this day, email the instructor ( on the first day of instruction. For more information about the FD5/final exam, see #20 in the FAQs.

12/24 – Grades due by 4:30PM

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